Hello. I’m Hannah Hildebrand. I’m an artist, and have also been at times an illustrator, sculptor, video editor, movie projectionist and cheesemonger. I live in Warwickshire with my husband and our kids and some pet rats.

I had taken a little break from art while the kids were very little. One year they both went off to school, and I picked up my pad and started drawing again. I haven’t stopped since. I’m now super happy when I’m chucking ink and oils around in the kitchen (where I currently have my studio).
When I dug out my old art kit I found that I had some very old inks, acrylic paints and a small pack of pastels left in almost usable condition. I started lobbing anything and everything at the paper, and the Emerge Portrait Project is the result of that.
I love to draw faces and expressions, which is strange because people make me really nervous and I’m pretty useless socially. I was told once that I needed to draw other things besides faces because I could’t just draw faces forever. I branched out but right now I’m embracing doing what I love.
I hope you enjoy my pictures.